Flat Rock's Studio

I'm primarily a mobile recording service. I load the "Hernia Rack" in my truck along with a tote box full of mics, another full of headphones, yet another full of cables, stands, snake, etc.
When I return, I dump the tracks from my ADATs to the PC via the litepipe for mixing and sweetening in Nuendo.
I also have a couple of clients who bring in sequences that are loaded into the PC and guitars and vocals are added.
My mixing room is 9'x12' with a ceiling that slopes from 7'10" in the front to 9'4" on the back wall. The ceiling and back wall are lined with burlap covered 2'x4'x2" rockwool slabs. Jon Gale tube traps are in the corners. For reflective surfaces, the side walls have kind of mini polycylindrical diffusers made from 2'x4'x1/8" masonite flexed in 22" wide frames.
The room, to my ears, is free of flutter echoes and is neither too dead nor too live. There is, however, a slight bass buildup on the back wall but I'm well in front of that while mixing.


1. Rockwool

2&3. The "Hernia Rack"

4. Home made sand filled monitor stands fabricated from 4" pvc, toilet flanges, plywood, glue, and sand.

5. The guitar corner

6. A corner showing a vocal mic in a home made shockmount, tube trap, and rockwool panels on the wall.

7. A portion of the ceiling

8. More home made goodies. A clamp for mounting a mic to a drum rim, and a shockmount.

9. Every studio needs paradigms. Mine are from Caligula and Augustus.

Cheers Daniel




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