Left Bank Studio

This studio is being built for Amirel Lachish at Mullumbimby, New South Wales, Australia.

The studio is on a five acre block surrounded by other five acre blocks.
The building is a large wooden barn with an apartment on the upper floor.

The design is by John Sayers.

The Space Available

This is the floor plan of the basic building. The ceiling height is 3.3m (11Ft)

The building is 12m x 9m (37 x 27 Ft)


The above is the floor plan of the space we have to work with. Amirel initially wanted the studio to be built in the area to the right of the two steel pillars and these are some of the preliminary plans submitted.


After lots of discussion we decided to use the whole floor area and came up
with the final plan almost immediately




Construction is now underway and photos will be posted as they come to hand.


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