Blue Bear Sound was designed for Bruce Valeriani in Ottawa - Canada.


Firstly the control room front.

The control room rear

Console and racks before the gear goes in




The Vocal booth with a little picture edit


Between studio 2 on left and the vocal booth on the right taken from the corridor.

Studio 2 The power board is behind the slot door.

The mike cupboard between studio 1 on left and studio 2 right.

Looking from studio 2 into top end of studio 1.

Other end of Studio 1 taken from the corridor.

So what does Bruce think of his new Studio?

Finally got the V8s in place -- wiring really bogged me down, so I only got to the monitors yesterday aft......

OMG - what a difference! I liked the V8s before - but in my previous environment, the bass tended to be slightly on the flabby side - of course, I couldn't hear that then. But compared to what I'm hearing now!!!!!!!!!!!

I tested it with Steely Dan's TAN - imaging was crisp and precise, bass response had depth and spaciousness, but never felt overpowering or heavy. High-end response was focused and clear.

Very impressive!

Listening to test tones at various frequencies did show some response anomalies as I moved about - but I presume this is normal since I encountered similar variances when I listened to similar tones in the monitoring room at a local mastering house a while back.

Encouraged by the sound I got from listening to commercial stuff - I popped on some of my previous mixes. There's no question my monitoring room improved -- I heard stuff in the mixes that I wasn't hearing before -- so much so in some cases that the mix would have changed substantially. This is good - each time I've made an improvement to my monitoring environment, I've heard enough difference that lets me refine and improve my mixes. This new room is definitely a huge improvement!!!

Studio 1 is the dark room - very little ambience and not very bright-sounding. Studio 2 is the bright room - a lot of ambience and a bright, woody sound. And the characteristics of Studio 3 (the booth) is right in the middle of the other two. So I have a lot of options has far as tracking environments. The Control Room is on the bright side - which I prefer to a darker, more dampened room.

FINALLY.... Finally..... finally....
...the load-in is complete!

And the studio sounds freakin' awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I'm going to really like working in there!!!!!!!!

cheers Bruce

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