Cloud Studios were built for Parris and Liz McCloud at Wyong. Cloud studios are at Wyong, N.S.W, just an hours drive north of Sydney.The design is the what I call the corner control room design and works like this: (this is not the exact plan)

It was built in a double garage in a space approx 10m x 8m (33' x 26') The garage doors were replaced with double glass so the studios look out to the country surrounds. The studio B as per the plan is a tight room acoustically whilst the A studio is really live using pine timber, slate and glass.

Control Room

The wide sliding glass doors between rooms creates a spacious feel and excellent artist to artist communication


Drum Booth

This drum room is totally live. All the walls are pine timber or glass and the floor is slate on concrete. The wall and ceiling angles are varied for maximum diffusion.


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