In 1994 I designed Flying Fox for a dear friend Grant Luhrs. Grant had the typical garage studio at the rear of his property in Wagga Wagga. (Now there's a good Koori name for all you foreigners to handle). The plan is similar to the Garage 2 studio design in my Recording Studio Design Site thus:

The original studio was longer than in this plan so we divided it into two to have a live room as well as a dead room. The door into the control room was on the rear wall. We only used a single glass sliding door made with 8mm glass. Originally it had the typical small window looking into the studio and, as it was being converted, looked like this.


The wall was then knocked out and it looked like this. You can see the original control room fully now with it's rear entrance.

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That's Pete Mercer with the long hair who built Trafalgar, Hello Testing, Beyond 2000 and Twilight Productions. Then a sliding glass door was installed. Also shown is the slot resonator wall in the control room and through the glass you can see the studio with it's slot resonator wall and is now divided into two rooms with another glass door, one live room and the other deader.


The studio started out as one long room. We divided it into two with another sliding glass door and this picture shows the starting stages. Pete is starting on the dividing wall between the two rooms. The construction at the end is the angled walls to create the live room.


Finally the slot resonator wall (left) and the high frequency absorber wall ( right and angled off the wall to lower the absorption frequency) are being constructed. You can also see the back wall of the control room nearing completion.




This then progressed to this stage. That's Grant sitting at the console. The ceiling as treated with wool absorption and covered with black cloth to give a spacious feel (yes a black ceiling does that in a small space!)


And it all lands up looking like this. Grant has since said that this simple change to his studio has changed his sound more dramatically than any equivalent costing piece of equipment.

Grant now hears what he is recording better with the improved control room acoustics and the quality of the sound from the two rooms has significantly improved.

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