Around 1984 I was asked to build Hello Testing for Paul Goodwin. Paul had a standard house as his headquarters in a northern suburb of Sydney. He was recording in one of the bedrooms. I haven't any decent pictures unfortunately.(I hope to get more off Paul.) These are all I have. This is the classic bedroom studio and it worked very well for Paul and he won numerous national and international awards in Radio Production from this room.

The speakers where soffit mounted at 90 degrees and a small compression ceiling broke up the floor ceiling waves.

The rear wall was treated with rockwool covered with panels of fibreboard with a layer of fibreglass and covered with cloth. The rear wall is also leaning forward so it it deeper off the wall at the top.

The drop ceiling was returned to the back wall and rockwool squeezed between the rafters and then covered with cloth stapled to a 2" x 1" frame.

A port was created between the compression ceiling and the front walls so the bass could be trapped up behind the ceiling.

The console was a very involved construction but allowed Paul -(pictured above) to have all his gear around him and have his voice over actors to work in the room with him. He has no studio attached to this room.

So it finished up looking like this

and the final room came out like this

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