Mullumbimby - Australia




This photo is taken from the doorway into the control room. The Japanese sun is across the rear wall and there are slot resonators across the rear section of the control room.

Here is another angle of the rear of the control room. You can see the rear window into the piano room and the rear wall slot resonators. You can also see the sliding glass doors into the piano room. The ceiling is 2" Insulco Fibreglass covered with hemp cloth on 2" x 1" frames.

This is a shot showing the front of the control room. The Genelec speakers are flush mounted into the front wall units and you can also see the sliding glass pocket doors in the front of the control room. Below the speakers you can see the Genelec amps and controls.


This is a shot taken in the Piano Room. The coloured walls are created by Nina Bishop of Byron Bay where she dyed the hemp cloth using sun setting dyes. This is more of her work.


The above photo is the piano room showing the variable bass absorbers on the wall and the slot resonator in the ceiling. The rest of the ceiling is lined with 2" Insulco Fibreglass and covered with hemp cloth.


The above shows the double sliding pocket doors entering the piano room. Note that they are flushed into the Tasmanian Oak Hardwood floor.


The above left is a shot taken in the control room towards the two booths. The booths now have carpet on the floors. The right shot is taken from within the first booth looking into the second booth. You can see the slot resonator wall in the second booth. The right wall in the picture is covered with Nina's dyed cloth and it depicts underwater with whales and dolphins etc.

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