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I re-designed the control room for this studio for my old friend Sjoerd Auke Koppert, a.k.a. Sjoko, CEO of a new media corporation i.D.B. Media Group LLC now known as Rose Lane Studio.

I had previously assisted him in his first studio Tantrum Studios, based in Santa Barbara, California.

The studio originally belonged to Producer Jim Messina's (Loggins and Messina) and we raised the roof of the control room, redesigned the front speaker mount and window and upgraded the acoustics.
It's a classic corner control room design.





rear slot




When the control room was completed the engineers from Dynaudio arrived to install the Dynaudio M3XE monitors powered by 2 Lap Gruppen 10.000 watt amplifiers, with Danley subs powered by 2 x 1450 watt amplifiers. These speakers have a built-in room alignment system. They ran the sweep of the control room and remarked that the room was the flattest room they had ever measured and said the built-in equalisation wasn't necessary.

They have since added Studio B which is a pre-production room

Studio B


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