Sonar Recording

Dublin - Ireland.




and with the gear in the room can be tested.

and the studio is looking like this

These are the comments:

Last night was the first time music was on and it was spectacular, even Darran's expert ear from years in studios here in Ireland was really happy.....and thats saying something......he's difficult to please...bloody perfectionists...his words "we have a sound that is acurate and the environment is really livable even without carpets as yet

The sound is stunning, every little nuance of the music is crystal and the presence and stereo imaging is great

Acid test for neighbours although quite far away, really loud internally in control room, all doors shut, walk about outside at midnight and not a whisper anywhere above 3 metres from all outside walls

A few little spills into Vocal Booth but "siliconeable" and virtually nothing into Live rooms received

Cheers Len

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