In 1984 I made the move into television working at Channel Seven. I was initially hired as audio director of Beyond 2000 but I performed the normal audio jobs at the station such as news etc. I later became audio director of the live variety show Late Night with Jono and Dano which was an Australian clone of the David Letterman show with a live audience, live band and guest performances.




I was also the Audio Director of the popular international "infotainment" programme Beyond 2000 that was broadcast in the US as Beyond Tomorrow




A year later Beyond International decided to establish Beyond Facilities at Artarmon in Sydney and I designed and built the audio studios. For the next four years I mixed all Beyond International Group's Productions. We pioneered the use of Betacam cameras for magazine/infotainment programs and using Betacam audio instead of the traditional Nagras which were now only used for stereo atmosphere tracks.. It was all tracklayed on 2 x Otari eight track recorders with T/C sync and then layed onto a Otari 24 track where it was mixed in six track format (Dialogue - Music - Effects) back onto 6 tracks of the 24 track.. DBX Noise reduction was used throughout. The 6 track format eased the creation of M&E tracks for overseas revoicing. It was then mixed down to stereo to an MCI 1" Video layback machine with Dolby A Noise reduction.

Other Programs worked on were:

  • Jack Thompson Downunder



  • Just for the Record


  • Extra Dimensions with Richard Neville
  • Various Documentaries.

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